Use the latest technology in your electrical discharge machining (EDM) projects

We offer the engineering industry bespoke spark erosion expertise.

Do you need to cut complex shapes or work to very close tolerances?

graphite electrode during working on automatic electrical discharge machine

Then we may have the answer.

You may have heard of some of these terms:

Spark Machining
Wire Erosion
Wire Burning
Spark Eroding
Wire EDM

Well they are all variants of EDM or Electrical Discharge Machining. This is the application of a recurring current using an electrode in a dielectric liquid to make holes or shapes by removing some material from a workpiece. It enables the production of shapes that are impossible to create with conventional engineering methods.


We work with all these industries:

Electrical discharge machining EDM Wire feed mechanism

Fastener Industries


Badge & Medal Dies

Press Tool

Jigs and Fixtures


Die Casting

Plastic Moulding


What we do

Die Spark Ltd offers this wide range of facilities to all of the customers and major manufacturing industries it supplies:

Product Design Facilities

Mould Tooling

Wire Erosion

Full 3R Systems

CNC Machining

24 Hour Running

‘In-house’ Electrode Manufacture